It’s easy to get stuck especially this time of year.Stuck in the snow, on the ice, in the house during storm.Life can feel stuck between decisions that need to be made, developmental stages or just stuck in a bad mood. Adulting and parenthood comes with seasons when “being stuck” can last for what feels like forever. On the farm, this time of year brings being stuck between dreaming of summer pastures and 2 feet of snow, between loving the bug- free air and wishing for warm summer nights, between short days and needing sun to start seedlings. As a farmer, whether vegetables or sheep, we live by the seasons. Each seasons brings new activities, relief from the previous grind, and new perspectives on the future. So while life can feel stuck in the mud even before mud season we are reminded that “this too shall pass”.

Today we prepared soil blocks for lettuce seedlings while sitting in the sun with frozen bums on the snow. We feed the animals and can sense their anticipation for green grass and we observed their ever growing bellies full of potential new wool-making, fun lambs. We listened to the melting snow drip off the roof all while we slipped on the ice in driveway and noted the snow covering on the garden low tunnels. We are stuck between winter and spring but thankfully good things come to those who wait. The daydreams of a bountiful summer garden, shearing season, bouncing lambs and summer swims will come true and will feel so good! So all of us adulting, trying to do the good in world, fun- loving, maybe parents just trying not to mess up the kids, hard working people… being stuck pays off. We just have to hold on for the ride!

In addition to any farmer or parent or frankly any human, a fiber enthusiast knows the feeling of being stuck. Knitting when your counts just aren’t coming out correct, being stuck with a project that you have lost complete interest in, realized how long that sweater is going to really take or that roving that just wont spin the way you hoped. I say this first-handed, whether you frog the whole project, stuff it in the closet or push through and finish it … we have times that “being stuck” is part of the journey. Without “being stuck” we would be weak, we would be ungrateful and have little need to improve our status quo. We wouldn’t be pushed, broken down and wouldn’t have to opportunity to be built back up! As average humans, we need these times of dropped stitches, lost wrenches, tomato hornworms and squeaky spinning wheels.

Through these “stuck” moments and events we grow as persons and neighbors.

Here at Full Cup Farm and Fibers we have had our years recently of “being stuck”. We got the tractor stuck in the mud, found ourselves between a rock and hard place professionally, we had health struggles that left us in a time of worry and even our diet has been know to be “stuck”. But through the months and years we have found ourselves reaping the benefits of our “stuckness”… our children are loving, our land prolific, our hay storage better each year, our dreams more defined and our farm on new adventures!

Wow! Through all those “stuck” hard decisions, tractors, moods and days we have lived, we have been blessed! Continue on the good path with us while we remind you today and you remind us tomorrow… to everything there is a season!