Welcome to Full Cup Farm & Fibers!

Welcome to the new Full Cup Farm & Fibers website! We are a small family operated farmstead and fiber mill in Western Maine focusing on family, sustainability, food, and providing top-notch fiber goods and services.

We are excited to provide fiber processing services!

We focus on self reliance, sustainability and wholesome food for our family, our friends and ourselves.

We process fleece of all types for your fiber needs into roving and batts. We also process the fleeces from our own sheep, goats and rabbits into beautiful fiber products for sale.

Stuck Between Seasons

It’s easy to get stuck especially this time of year.Stuck in the snow, on the ice, in the house during storm.Life can feel stuck between decisions that need to be made, developmental stages or just stuck in a bad mood. Adulting and parenthood comes with seasons when...

Looking Back on 2018

We knew 2018 at the homestead was going to be better than 2017 once the seed catalogs started rolling in around New Years. Amy spent many hours dreaming about the multitude of varieties for our vegetable garden. There was one problem however, where is this garden? The...

Why “Full Cup” Farm? (Part 3)

This is part 3 of an introductory post on the origins and inspiration for Full Cup Farm. Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.Over this past holy season, I reflect on part of the inspiration for the "Full Cup" portion of our farm. Amy and I met in May 2000. I was...

Why “Full Cup” Farm? (Part 2)

This is part 2 of an introductory post on the origins and inspiration for Full Cup Farm. Find Part 1 here.A middle aged man wearing a woven white cowboy hat with bent and crooked curved brim, elastic suspenders, rubber muck boots and a form fitting t-shirt tucked into...

Full Cup Farm & Fibers

Full Cup Farm & Fibers
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